Community Issues

LULAC of Lane County had its Organizational Meeting in January of 2013 with LULAC’s National Leadership.  Members identified several issues and concerns.  Based on those concerns and identified issues, LULAC of Lane County will start responding to the calls for assistance and involvement.  LULAC of Lane County will advance the economic condition, educational attainment, political influence, health, and civil rights of the Latino population in Lane County through the creation of several committees and community-based programs.

The community Issues identified include:

Education; Dropout Rates, Equity, Resources, Access, Inclusion, education opportunity for High School students, (DREAM ACT)

Civil Rights / Legal Redress


Abuse/Legal Rights

Racial Profiling

Latino Needs Assessment


Health and Healthy Activities/ Mental Health

Immigrant Rights

Voter Rights

Civic Engagement

Public Service

Driver’s License

Economic Development

Access to Services



Domestic Abuse



If you have questions regarding the issues we address, please email us or call 541-337-6294