Why Join and support LULAC

Eighty four years ago, a group of Latino leaders formed the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) to defend the rights and advance the well-being of Latinos in the United States. Today LULAC is the largest and most active membership organization serving the Latino community.

LULAC members are the driving force behind significant advancements and improvements to the quality of life for Hispanics across the country Since LULAC’s founding, our members have not wavered in their determination to end discrimination and injustice for Hispanics living in the United States. LULAC has developed national and community-based programs to address the needs of the Latino community and to ensure that this nation’s workforce obtains the necessary education and skills to keep America productive.

As a LULAC member, you will be part of an organization whose members are making a difference through volunteer programs addressing the needs of the Latino community. You will also be part of a nationwide network of community activists who are protecting our civil rights in the areas of immigration, social services, education, and economic opportunity at the local, state, and national levels.

Today, our membership extends into every state in the Union and Puerto Rico with over 930 councils nationwide. Through our Youth, Young Adult and Adult councils, LULAC offers membership opportunities for all age groups. LULAC also reflects a broad cross-section of Hispanic Americans including Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Cubans, and Central and South Americans. We need your help to continue our legacy of improving the quality of life for all Latinos.


Become a Member

Potential council members are invited by a council member to a council meeting, which is held every  second Saturday of the month.

We invite you to come to a Council Meeting, where we will provide an application for you.  Two council members are needed to sign off on your application for membership.

For further information, please call our contact number 541-337-6294 or email


Join a Committee

LULAC members are engaged in a variety of community service projects that achieve progress through a positive approach. From job training to health fairs, from civil rights issues to advocacy and from mentoring to business initiatives, LULAC members make a difference by taking charge and getting things done.

The current committees are: Education, Civil Rights/ Legal Redress, Civic Engagement, Immigration, Health/ Healthy activities, Immigrant Rights, Racial Profiling and Latino Needs assessment. If you have an interest in the work plan and activities of the committees, use our contact form or send an email to: and be sure to specify which committee you seek information for. Please make sure to include a valid address and phone number in your inquiry.