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Monday, June 17th, 2013 @ 1:00PM

The Latino community is a multifaceted, multilingual, multilayer, and multicultural community. One that give all a sense of pride and a strong and flexible bond and, of course, is an integral part of the Lane County community.

I am excited to be a founding member of this new council of the storied LULAC. I envision communities working together to improve our economic condition, engaging educators and administrators in how to educate our children. The education system must reflect the changing demographics and increase educational opportunities at the school districts where academic enrichment programs to elementary, middle, and high school students will take root and flourish. My hope is for a community where Latinos and all individuals feel safe and engaged in the community, where opportunity to participate is created and honored at all levels including college.

The opportunities await us. We are ready for political participation and members sponsor voter registration drives and citizenship education programs will take place often. A community’s action standard where we implement letter writing and lobbying efforts on behalf of key Latino issues to legislators at all levels of government.

We fight discrimination based on race, ethnicity, or national origin. Our community is ready to embrace the goal of eliminating prejudice against Latinos and eager to remove the barriers based on ethnic discrimination process.

Our members and allies work side by side in a variety of community service projects that achieve progress through a positive approach. LULAC Lane County’s efforts will lead to job trainings, health fairs and mentoring to business initiatives among other activities. We are stepping up to making a difference and by taking charge and getting things done.

The upcoming youth council, another historic moment for LULAC in the state of Oregon would engage youth in community service, civic engagement, and projects that would help develop and/or enhance their leadership skills and abilities.

I am humbled for the opportunity to be a part of an organization whose members are making a difference in addressing the needs of the Latino community. Being a part of a nationwide network of community activists who are protecting our civil rights in the areas of immigration, social services, education, and economic opportunity at the local, state, and national levels is an honor.

-Juan Carlos Valle

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